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This $30 Hack Can Turn Anything into a Ping Pong Table

by Gilbert R. Brooks

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This family set satisfies your competitive ping-pong nature, even without a table. (Source: iStock)

Table tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed at many levels. For some, it’s just a parlor game to spend time with. While others, including both amateurs and professional athletes, can approach every game with a no-prisoner attitude. If you want to enjoy this competitive and fun game, you should check out Amazon’s great ping-pong bundle.

No sport can be so popular and easy to master simultaneously. Luckily, you don’t have to crawl into someone else’s rec room or rush to the gym to play the game. All you need is a pair of paddles, a ball, a net, and a table. Hack your way to becoming a local legend by turning anything into a ping-pong table with this awesome find.

This $30 Hack Can Turn Anything into a Ping Pong Table

This bundle brings a lot to the table.

This complete ping pong set will satisfy even the most seasoned competitor. (Source: Amazon)

$29.94 $39.99 at Amazon

A standard table for playing ping pong is nine feet by five feet. But for leisure, any flat surface is enough because your goal is to sweat it out and have fun. This PRO-SPIN Table Tennis Set offers an easy-to-install 1.8m wide retractable net. Now you can easily turn a dining, picnic, or kitchen table into a solid playing field within seconds. Just unfold the net, press the blue levers to open the clamps, attach the sticks to the side of the table – and you’re good to go.

This PRO-SPIN table tennis set comes with paddles designed for beginners and professionals. Each is layered with an improved sponge and a high-quality rubber that is great for steering the ball through topspins, sidespins, and backspins.

As with any other sport, improving your ping-pong skills requires a lot of repetitive moves and a lot of in-game experience. With this PRO-SPIN table tennis set, you can turn downtime into playtime. During breaks, organize impromptu tournaments with your classmates or colleagues to improve your muscle memory and calibrate your reflex at the game’s speed.

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Nevertheless, playing this sport is not all about the technical aspects of the game. It is an enjoyable and healthy way to bond with your loved ones. One satisfied Amazon customer even offered insight into how the PRO-SPIN table tennis set brought joy to their family. She said: “[it’s] quick and easy to set up. Fun to play and have hours of good old fashioned entertainment instead of being glued to a phone, TV, iPad, etc.”

Enjoy playing ping pong without spending a fortune

Now everyone can play table tennis and enjoy it. However you approach the game, there’s no denying that it has much to offer regarding movement, entertainment, and interaction with the people around you. Do not miss the fun that this sport brings. Head to Amazon and take home this portable set that anyone can enjoy today for under $30.

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